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The 1st pets cemetery in Brittany : DOUAR ENVOR

When our animals leaves us, it is a very hard and sad experience, but not know their location after death, makes this experience even more difficult to support. I am sure that visiting him or flowering his grave can help us to mourn them. It is the reason why I would like to speak you…
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My cat sharpens his claws on my sofa !

My cat sharpens his claws on my sofa ! Gargamel is the cat of a nice woman in Laurenan. I was speaking with her when I had the idea to share my experience with you. Indeed she explained to me that she was desesperate because Gargamel appreciates a lot her sofa and her mattress to…
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A book and a cat on your lap !

Automn is coming and here is time to stay at home under a plaid and a cat on your lap! If you are cats lover and Brittany lover, I have to recommand you a very nice mystery novel : MIAOU BORDEL written by Gérard Chevalier ! Catia is a very intelligent cat ! First story…
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I love my new brush !

Easy to use because it is very flexible, easy to clean and dry and very appreciated by cats. I recommand ! [gallery ids="3341,3342,3340,3346,3343"]
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Covid 10 infoarmations

We inform you that we can continue to receive your cat and go for a walk with your dog during the lockdown period.

Urgent moving, hospitalization, others reasons, we are here for your animal.