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New outside box in the pension

Adjoining to our third inside box, this private outside space has been built in order to offer to your cats a total secure place for their holidays. They will enjoy the sun and the wind (maybe the rain also, we are in Brittany...) and the view on birds, hents and garden. I look forward to…
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Roxy, the wonderful striped long hair cat

Will you resist to this face ? Look at these beautiful ears with long hair ! Yes Roxy has long hair in his ears and that is very charming, isn't it ? And this tail ! Have you seen this fox tail ? And i don't speak about his hair... which is so sweet... but…
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The 1st pets cemetery in Brittany : DOUAR ENVOR

When our animals leaves us, it is a very hard and sad experience, but not know their location after death, makes this experience even more difficult to support. I am sure that visiting him or flowering his grave can help us to mourn them. It is the reason why I would like to speak you…
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Lili, ginger cat from Plouaret

Why Lili came in our Pension ? Lili's mistress needed a comfortable catsboarding for her little Lili during she would go on holidays in the South of France. Of course, as she leaves on the North of Cotes d'Armor, she enjoyed that our Pension is on the road of her holidays destination. Indeed, we are…
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Covid 10 infoarmations

We inform you that we can continue to receive your cat and go for a walk with your dog during the lockdown period.

Urgent moving, hospitalization, others reasons, we are here for your animal.